Reignite That Flame With Couple’s Sex Toys

Who does not want to have an exciting and satisfying sex life? But sexual monotony is a fact of life, which many do not discuss. The result is a diminished sex life which inevitably takes a toll on the relationship. Do not let that happen to you. Sex life must always remain steaming hot like an espresso. To keep that spark alive, one must ensure that the level of surprise and excitement never die out. This is where sex toys come into play.
Sex toys are simply objects that can be used individually or as a couple to enhance your sexual experience. It often is that one factor that adds the much-required spice back to your sex life. But again, knowledge about Adult Products India may be limited and a couple may not know what to do with sex toys and how to go about using them. Then again how far do you want to go with them is yet another question that is always there on their minds.

So let us consider a beginner’s guide for couples about sex toys and how to go about them. Firstly, introducing the very concept of adding sex toys to your sex life is an awkward topic in itself. However, once that is sorted, which toys to buy and what to use them for is what we will help you with today.

These sex toys are simple and will not shock either of you, but will go a long way in heightening your sexual pleasure. There may be a learning curve, but once done, these toys will never fail to bring back the sensations.


Opting for a simple small size vibrator could be your first step towards sex toys. It is small in size and not too overwhelming for both you and your partner. The couple could begin with a clitoral stimulation that could be done by the hands of the partner. The couple can take turns and figure out what speed or what rhythm suits them both. The woman can get the sexual stimulation she needs that could literally kick start your sexual experience. These vibrators are available in various materials and sizes. But most of them are ergonomically designed to be held in the hand as well as designed to give pleasure to the right spots. What’s more, a vibrator can also be used in a non-sexual way to get that perfect deep tissue massage as well. .

A tickler

Sex is all about sensations of touching and feeling. It can only get more exciting with some element of surprise in the sensations. Even opting for something as simple as a feather tickler, can go a long way in heightening the sexual excitement and sensations. The sensations are not overpowering that your partner might burst out laughing in the middle of sex, but are extremely powerful in the right areas.


Something as simple as a silky blindfold can go a long way to make your sexual experience like never before. When both the partners are blindfolded that element of surprise of touch can get you that spice you were always looking for. Other retainers include hand cuffs that are available in various materials and with fur. This would mean making your partner in control of the situation and losing sexual control. Here your partner gets a chance to please you as they like or whatever you love the most.


This is yet another sex toy that can be used individually as well as a couple. The partner can use the dildo on the person while simultaneously giving pleasures at other sexually tense areas. This would give the partner a complex of sensations that are way too delicious to deny. A dildo can also be a person’s partner when the real partner is absent.